So the rapist was actually from my hometown and everyone today after the press release was like “oooooh Troy Laura’s from Troy” I can’t deal with these people. 


Cate Blanchett, Zhou Xun, and Emily Bunt for Portfino, A Sparkle to the Wrist.

MBTI In Stressful Situations


INFP: diligently ignores problem until it’s too big to manage
ESTJ: ‘exactly as i say, or else’
ISFP: lists and lists and lists and lists…
ESFJ: vocalizes everything they’re doing
ISFJ: ♫ move bitch, get out the way 
ENTP: too interested by the options to do anything
ISTJ: cool headed, but harsh like ice
ENFP: heart rate over 9000
INTP: never does anything despite completely understanding the problem
ENTJ: step aside or get crushed underfoot
ISTP: nothing like a full-blown crisis to get back into the zone
ENFJ: assumes responsibility and approaches with logic
INFJ: adrenaline rush or complete paralysis
ESTP: acts first, figures out later
INTJ: devises a universal system to resolve the problem for all time
ESFP: needs space to figure things out


Ulyana Sergeenko Spring/Summer RTW 2012


endless list of favorite books → days of blood and starlight by laini taylor

Dead souls dream only of death. Small dreams for small men. It is life that expands to fill worlds. Life is your master, or death is.


"film buff" fuckboys: "i love quentin tarantino he’s a master omg reservoir dogs and pulp fiction changed my life" *ignores death proof* *ignores jackie brown* *ignores that inglorious basterds is actually about a woman* *ignores the fact that literally half of tarantino’s films are about women kicking ass*

Title: Coattails
Artist: Broods
Played: 916 times

my roommate gets real deep when she’s studying for philosophy

Warpaint by Takayuki Okada.